Ace your Ofsted Inspection with 5 easy tips

Ace your ofsted inspection with 5 easy tips

Do you worry about your Ofsted Inspection?

We’ve spoken to Jacqui Midgley, an ex-Ofsted Inspector, to get her tips on how to ace your next Ofsted inspection.

       1. Do a Self-Evaluation Form (and do it properly)

We know you’re busy, but it’s worth taking the time to put some real effort into your Self Evaluation Form. You won’t get the best grading unless you know where your weaknesses lie and how you can improve them. A thorough SEF demonstrates brilliant Leadership and Management skills which are an important consideration when deciding on a grading. 

       2. Take action

The inspector has read your previous Ofsted inspection report and will ask you about that evidence you have to show you’ve addressed them. So make sure you know exactly what they were and are able to show evidence to prove you’ve addressed them.

        3. Open the door with positivity and confidence

Don’t be scared, you’ve got this! You know that you’re providing brilliant childcare with each child’s individual needs at the heart of everything you do, you should welcome the chance to show the inspector how great you are!

        4. Tell them what you expect

Open the door and say, ‘Thank goodness you’re here, you’ve come to give me my Outstanding!’ Ofsted Inspectors expect to give you a ‘Good’ rating, you need to manage that. Use the Ofsted inspection as an opportunity to show off and hit them between the eyes with all the things that make you Outstanding.

        5. Show your thought processes

When you’re talking to your inspector about an activity you’re doing, a new piece of equipment you’ve bought or a project you’re working on, make sure you explain the thought processes behind them. It’s great that you’ve got a new slide in the garden, but why did you choose a slide? You might tell the inspector that you bought the slide because Jimmy loves slides, and that’s good. But you could tell the inspector that you bought a slide because Jimmy is working on his moving and handling skills and building his self-confidence and awareness, and that is outstanding!

Before Jacqui Midgley became an Ofsted Inspector she worked as a Police Officer in the Child Protection field for 15 years and then spent 17 years as a childcare provider. She has now left Ofsted to allow her to better support childcare providers like you. Her project, Boxed Off Success offers an online consultancy and training service at affordable prices.

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