Local Childminder, Deborah Foster on foundations

deborah foster Childminder Talks about foundations app

Deborah Foster on foundations

At the start of our foundations journey, we invited 50 local childminders into our offices so that we could get to know them better. We had a chat with local Childminder Deborah Foster about her biggest challenges and how we at foundations can help.

Deborah has two young children of her own and told us about the struggle of trying to fit in paperwork once her own children have gone to bed.

She already uses an electronic system, but (unlike foundations) she can’t use it on her phone so it’s not as useful as it could be.

Sound familiar?

foundations is launching in 2018 and has been created for Childminders like Deborah.

It will help you to speed up your paperwork and help you to reclaim some of your free time. We have over 13 years of experience creating software for the childcare industry, so we understand Deborah’s needs and are creating a tool that will truly make a difference.

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Hear what Deborah had to tell us here: