Exploring the Weather

free weather learning resources for childminders

The weather can be a great source of learning for our young children. Observing and discussing changes in the weather helps children to understand and accept change, and gives them a deeper knowledge of the world around them.

The weather changes the types of outdoor activities that our children participate in as well as the sorts of clothing they wear. You can use this to start discussions about children’s bodies and their health and wellbeing. Talking about the weather, different clothing and different activities can also spark an interest in different cultures and communities it therefore increases children’s understanding of the world.

Cold and wet weather doesn’t have to hinder your adventures! Take a look at our free eBook Physical Development in the Winter for ideas for Childminders and other Providers on making the most of the colder months.

We’ve created a free, printable weather chart to help you to kick start your weather based discussions. Download your copy here.

resource Weather chart

There are other sites you can use to learn more about the weather. Check out the Met Office who have a great page specifically for children with brilliant resources and some activity ideas:


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