Free Alphabet Flashcards

Learning the alphabet free resources for childminders

Learning the alphabet encourages children to develop their literacy skills. Reading and writing are still really essential communication skills (even in this digital age) as they unlock the key to further learning.

We have created free, printable alphabet flash cards that you can use with your children.

Download your copy here.

Learning the alphabet childcare

There are lots of different learning opportunities to be had for children of all ages using these cards.

Young children can begin to learn phonics and older children can associate the letter with the object pictured on each card. If you laminate the cards, children of all ages can practice mark making, writing and handwriting. Best of all, they can be wiped clean to start again. Practice makes perfect!

Childminders often have a mixed age range of children, but rather than being a hindrance, getting children of all ages involved can be really beneficial. Older, more advanced children can also take part in alphabet based learning. Encourage them to widen their vocabulary by thinking of the longest word they can beginning with each letter, or give them a theme, like adjectives or verbs.

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