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 Record special moments with photos and notes


 Record all of your daily meals


 Record when medicine has been administered


 Record sleep times for children


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 Easy access to children & contacts data


 Easily record and accidents


 Record nappy change info


 Comply with GDPR with the ability to erase and export

We’re listening to real childcare providers so we create a childcare software that actually helps you to reclaim your free time.

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We’ve covered all of the basics

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Whether you use a computer, tablet or phone, foundations can be used on all of your devices.

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foundations is GDPR compliant and has built in GDPR features to help you be compliant too.

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Stores all of your data in the cloud ready to access whenever and wherever you need it.

What's coming next?

The team at foundations are busy building the features which mean the most to you. The following features will be added soon…

Instant Observations

foundations makes online learning journals easy. You can log observations immediately as they happen, complete with a photo. Your observations can be linked to the EYFS at the touch of a button without the need for folders and paperwork.

Informed Assessments

You will no longer need to thumb through folders of written observations in order to complete assessments. foundations allows you to see all of a child’s observations in every aspect of learning to enable you to complete informed assessments on child development.

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