Identifying Shapes

Free Childcare Resource, Identifying shapes in the early years

Learning shapes isn’t just fun for children it gives them the foundations of mathematical development. ‘Shape, space and measure’ is a key aspect of the Early Years Foundations Stage under mathematics.

Gently encouraging children to recognise and identify different shapes will help them in many areas of learning later down the line…

Differentiating between shapes allows children to learn the key skills needed to identify different shapes and numbers. Helping with maths and literacy later down the line.

Shapes allow children to categorise and compare different objects, which are fundamental skills in science.

Learning basic shapes helps children to recognise shapes and patterns in the world around them. Pattern matching is an important cognitive skill which allows us as humans to match new information to information that is already stored and remembered in the brain. So in essence, the better we are at shape and pattern matching – the brighter we will be!

We’ve created this free resource to help you encourage your children to recognise and identify shapes. This is a really simple resource that can be used with your children or shared with parents for continued learning at home.

Download yours here.

practicing shapes with children

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