Introducing Announcements by Foundations

We’re super excited to announce the latest in a long line of new features coming to foundations over the next twelve months!

Introducing Announcements – send an event directly to parents via ParentZone. With this new feature, you can now add pdfs and links to the announcements so parents can view the items directly. You can send an announcement in just a few clicks and your parent will see it directly in their ParentZone feed – you can even schedule the announcement for later.  

How to create an announcement 

It’s quick and easy to create an announcement, simply log into foundations and follow these five simple steps:

  1. Go to the “Events” tab (on the left)
  2. You will see the “Announcements” button in yellow at the top right. Click on this and add in your announcement
  3. You can send the announcement at your preferred date and time, and even attached images and PDFs 😍
  4. Select the parent(s) you would like to share the announcement with (your parents will see this in their ParentZone app).
  5. Press “Send”.



If you haven’t already invited your parents to ParentZone please see this FAQ on how to invite them.

But wait… there’s more!

In this latest update, we’ve also added a whole new site set up area so that you can set up your nursery all in one go with the addition of Ratios, Rooms, Meals and Occupancy settings – to name a few of the benefits to setting up a “site”.

site settings

With site setups, you can add in all your sites (single or multiple) in just a few clicks. To set up a site simply go to the “settings” tab and go through these steps.

  • Add Opening Hours
  • Add Term Times
  • Add Age Ranges
  • Add Ratios
  • Add Rooms
  • Add Meals Provided
  • Add Sessions
  • Add Sundries
  • Add Pricing


Coming soon to Foundations – The Billings Hub!


Ad Hoc Bills

Create ad-hoc bills at the click of a button, sent directly to the ParentZone app


Calculate extras

Such as meals, activities and resources and add them to the bill run. Stay on top of your different voucher schemes and funding rates.


Sessional Billing

Whether you charge by the hour or day, you can input your personalised sessions and charge accordingly. This will reduce the hours spent manually calculating invoices from your paper registers.



Will help you and your parents have a clear view of the child’s sessions for the week or month! Parents can even request extra sessions via the ParentZone app.


Want Early Access? Register your interest here and we’ll be in touch when it’s ready.