New Feature Announcement – Adhoc Bookings!

We’re super excited to announce the latest in a long line of new features coming to Foundations in the coming months. You can now create Adhoc bookings through our newly created bookings tab.

Furthermore, in the coming weeks, you can also expect to see the new billings engine and repeat booking patterns coming to Foundations – connecting bookings with billings means you will be able to manage and connect payments made by parents easily in your app, as well as send out bills and run your finances with ease.

How to create Adhoc Bookings 

Once your site has been set up with rooms, sessions and pricing and you have also added children, you will then be able to create an “Adhoc Booking”. For full details on how to set up your rooms, children and sessions please visit our FAQ. 

Ad Hoc booking can be added as and when the child may be coming into the setting on different days and not recurring. Or if a child is in on a morning session on a booking pattern and would like to add the afternoon session for that day.

To do this simply go to Bookings and select “Adhoc Booking” on the top right of this screen:








You will then be prompted to select the child needed.

This will open up a calendar for this child to be able to select a day to add an Adhoc booking. These can only be added one day at a time. 










Once you have selected the day and click + Adhoc Booking you will need to select the site required and this will bring you to a screen with all the available sessions to add. 

Only sessions that you have selected to be available as Adhoc bookings within the site set up will be available to add.

You will then be prompted to select the room required for this child. It will also give you some information on your capacity and times for that session and availability if anyone else is booked in on this day. Once you have selected the room you will need to click + Add Booking then click save changes at the bottom of the screen.









You will then see confirmation of this booking below and in the calendar.

The adhoc booking will then be included onto the main booking screen within your due ins and capacities within each room for the dates you have added.

The future of Foundations 

Is looking very bright, with several new features coming this Spring and Summer, you can expect to see more tools and everyday tasks easily managed in our free online app. Right now, you can already streamline your admin process, engage parents and share updates through the parent communications app, create registers, become GDPR compliant, create observations and assessments, and much more – all for free. In the future, you’ll have a dedicated Bookings & Billings Hub so you can easily create booking patterns and run your finances.


If you’d like to be part of our steering committee that helps Foundations create useful tools like these then please email