Our first BETA testers give their feedback

foundations beta tester feedback

The beginning of the journey

At the start of the foundations journey, we organised a local event to invite childminders and other early years practitioners into Connect Towers. The aim was to discuss what we had in mind for the new software we were about to develop! This software would be specifically for the childminding market and they were our perfect target audience. On the day of the event, we had over 70 attendees and that small seed began to grow into a beautiful blossoming tree. We had guest speakers there to bring thought-provoking content to the table. What was really invaluable was the group’s insights into what the childminders were looking for in a product that would be specifically designed for them!

Of the original attendees, as time went along and we really started to evolve the design and development of the new software, we retained a group of around 10 core users. This group have been very committed with their input into foundations, over the last 12 months.

These users have been with us all the way, providing insights into what they need to carry out their job as a childminder more efficiently so they can spend more time with their family and less on the admin at the end of the day. Their input and advice, has formed the basis of a software that is now set to dominate the childcare industry, with its simplistic yet familiar interface and functionality that meets GDPR regulations along with OFSTED requirements.

At every step of the way, our core group has validated the design and feature decisions. These are still continuing to be developed as the product grows in functionality. And now we are gathering interest from other childminders as the word begins to spread that it will be ready for a full release very soon!

Where are we today?

Right now we have got to a competent stage in our design and development where we are starting to open up the BETA (test) access to our next range of registered signups. We have had to be very careful who had access to the software in the first instance, but with the feedback being so positive.. We feel its time to release this out to a wider group! If you haven’t already registered your interest to be a BETA tester, then you can do now by clicking this button:

To thank our core group we organised a coffee morning for our ladies to come and sit together and discuss how they have been finding the software so far and what they think the next steps should be to further enhance what they have been testing! Now as we all know, a childminders own time is very precious, so we only had a few ladies that were able to make it on the day, however, their wonderful feedback and thoughts for improvement were very well received and on a beautiful sunny Saturday morning, we presented them with some flowers and chocolates (along with coffee and cake) for their time and feedback with gratitude.

Below are some pictures from the coffee morning with snapshots of the feedback that our fondly named “BETA 3” has provided for us.


foundations is now LIVE

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