ParentHub is here!

ParentHub is here

The newest addition to ParentZone

We have launched a new feature within our ParentZone app – ParentHub – to help parents home-school their children during COVID-19. ParentHub is accessible through the main menu within the app. Tell your parents about it today…
ParentHub 2

Support for parents with at-home learning

ParentHub includes Home Activities, Recipes and Nutrition info which is particularly useful for parents at this time during closures. We’ve collaborated with early years nutrition expert, Louise Mercieca from Early Years TV Food Channel to generate and share the information.

For parents who have children starting primary school in September, they willl be able to find lots of helpful tips and advice including content from BBC Bitesize.


Much more to come...​

Further advancements to ParentHub will continue over the coming months, covering a wide range of topics including speech and language, mental health and wellbeing, plus safeguarding and internet safety. 

Home activities

Over 15 fun activities and downloadable resources for you to do at home with your children during closures with more more being added each week!


Extremely useful guidance on foods to aid the growth development of your child from food expert Louise Mercieca.


Yummy and easy recipes to incorporate all of the essential vitamins and nutrients into your child’s diet. Check back for new recipes each month.

BBC Bitesize

BBC Bitesize content on helping your child to become independent at home, top tips for toilet training, how to get your child’s bedtime routine right and advice for starting Primary School.