Recognising and Naming Colours

Free Childcare Resource, Recognising and naming colours

There are many benefits to be had for children from learning colours.

Colours are important for verbal communication and creative writing. Children are always widening their understanding and their vocabulary and colours are a great place to start. Colours are the first adjectives that many of our children will learn.

Colours are an easily identifiable way to sort and classify objects, giving children the basic skills needed for mathematics development.

Babies are born with monochrome vision are aren’t able to differentiate between colours until they are around 18 months old. At this point in their lives colours are stimulating and exciting.

Recognising and then naming colours is a complex task for children but can be gently encouraged by naming colours during everyday experiences and play.

For children that are showing an interest in learning and naming colours, we’ve created a colour resource sheet. This fun free resource can be used to help children recognise colours and objects.

Download yours here.

practicing colours with children

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