With the spring season starting to arrive, it’s time for us to get outside and enjoy some water play activities with our children. These 25 simple and fun activities will involve children interacting with water as well as other objects. Developing their cognitive skills and understanding of water and how it behaves is a great part of their early years learning.

We teamed up with childminder, Chloe Webster – of Pebbles Childcare – to bring you ‘The Water Play Early Years Activity Guide’, which includes 25 ways to make water fun this year…

Get your taps on and and download the free guide free here



Helping children learn about the world around them and the environment helps provide a good basis for early childhood education. For children, learning about water through sensory and cognitive activities can be a valuable way to spend their time. Young children are usually keen to learn and improve their understanding of the world around them and the chance to gain new knowledge can be incorporated into a variety of activities.

This easy-to-follow resource is laid out in a recipe-book format – with ‘what you’ll need’ and the ‘method’ – and aims to inspire early years practitioners and parents with fun-filled activities, that are perfect for facilitating children’s learning throughout the year.