You know you’re a childminder when…

You know you're a childminder when

How do we know you’re a Childminder?

You wave at tractors, even when you’re on your own.

The same goes for boats, trains and buses.

You risk assess EVERYTHING 

You can smell danger from a mile away but have a drawer full of mickey mouse plasters just in case!

You can change a nappy, build a fortress and feed the cat at the same time

Having quick feet, eyes in the back of your head and at least 6 hands should be in the job description.

All of your pockets have tissues in them

And don’t you just love picking the little bobbly bits out of your freshly laundered clothes!

You collect every sparkly knick knack you see

You never know what sort of masterpiece a chocolate wrapper and old button can create.

You oink every time someone says ‘Peppa Pig’

And you secretly love Madame Gazelle’s Bing Bong song.

You’re constantly scraping homemade slime off your kitchen cupboards

Blue speckled kitchens are going to be the next big thing.

You will never have enough spare clothes

For you or your mindees. As long as you don’t mind being covered in paint/mud/glitter/lunch you’ll be ok.

Your idea of me-time is three minutes in the loo on your own

Sometimes you might even be allowed to shut the door.

Your food presentation skills belong in a Michelin star kitchen

You can turn every single ‘yukky’ vegetable into an attractive masterpiece.

The back of your car has so many crumbs that the whole carpet has turned beige

You’ve forgotten what it’s even supposed to look like under there.

Your singing and dancing can rival that of any West End performer

As long as there are no other adults in ear shot!

You are well aware of your flaws.

I mean how couldn’t you be when you are regularly told ‘your belly is jiggly’, ‘your legs are hairy’ and ‘you have bogies in your nose’ – but hey, at least they keep you grounded! 

You’ll never quite feel appreciated

You’ve jam packed your day with healthy delicious food, amazing games and fun activities and when asked by their parents what they did today your children will say ‘nothing’

But, you do the best job in the world

You start everyday with a smile on your face, because you have the most rewarding job there is.


You are a superhero!


Keep up the good work

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